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Marketscan incorporates fundamental analysis, company information, technical analysis and scanning all into one powerful investment tool. Paritech's MarketScan is the perfect research assistant when it comes to helping you find stocks that meet your investment criteria so that you can grow your investments and reach your goals.

MarketScan possesses the following advantages

By combining fundamental and technical analysis information, you can display, save, scan, filter and view important timing and company data to help you choose quality performing stocks!



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Here's what one of our traders thinks of Marketscan:

"I've been using Marketscan on a daily basis for over 6 years.

 The first thing i do each morning after checking the international markets is start with Marketscan.

Rather than just looking at the computer screen and wondering which stocks are performing well. All i need to do is run a few scans and i have an excellent list of stocks which i can follow up.

The number of different predefined scans one can set up is amazing. Such as moving average crossovers, daily price % changes the list goes on and on.

Once you found a few stocks with the predefined scans, you can create a save list and continue to follow there performance over the coming days or weeks.

By using Marketscan I feel as though i have an edge over other traders.

Without any hesitation i would highly recommend Marketscan".

 Steve (Melbourne)

MarketScan 12 month Subscription or Renewal - AUD $470.00

Call to order 1300 652 511