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MetaMarket+ is the perfect fundamental analysis comapanion for MetaStock.

Get the complete picture on which stocks to buy and sell by adding the fundamental searching capabilities ofMetaMarket+ to MetaStock. A powerful yet easy to use product, MetaMarket+ offers you instant access to company performance information.

You can:

MetaMarket+ can be used for many types of securities, in addition to equities. If you are trading options, exchange traded company options or warrants, MetaMarket+ displays invaluable information.

In addition to the Fundamental field viewing capabilities of MetaMarket Plus, this advanced companion to MetaStock  allows you to add Fundamental criteria to the MetaStock Explorer.  You can easily construct your own combined Technical and Fundamental criteria, or, you can modify any of the 40+ Explorations provided with this product. The online manual provides full details of the explorations, field definitions and example MetaStock Formula Syntax.

To run any of these new Explorations from MetaStock simply click on the Explorer and you will find them listed and ready to run. Pre-written scans include Industry Subgroups Performance, Earnings Before Interest & Tax, Operating Margin, and many more.

MetaMarket+ Features

MetaMarket+ integrates directly with MetaStock. Open any chart in MetaStock and MetaMarket+ will automatically display the fundamental information for that security. If you have several charts open at once simply “click” on the security you wish to view and MetaMarket+ will instantly display it’s profile list.

Use MetaMarket+ full screen or re-size it to be displayed along with charts in trading programs like MetaStock. By combining both the fundamental and technical approach to trading you have the complete picture on exactly which stocks to buy and sell.

Roll mouse over image below to see a larger image:

System Requirements

Windows XP/Vista/Win7/Win8 operating system, 50MB hard drive, internet connectivity (to update the data), CD-ROM Drive, MetaStock 10.1 or above, MetaStock price data source, Pentium processor, 64 MB memory or better.

Please note: Installing the MetaStock links from MetaMarket+ will only function with MetaStock Version 10.1 or later ... earlier versions of MetaStock will need to be upgraded  in order for the fundamental explorations to function form within MetaStock.

MetaMarket Plus

MetaMarket Plus Manual