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Paritech PX API

The Paritech PX API is a Microsoft COM based API which allows you to programatically access many of the data types displayed in Paritech Pulse.  It also allows order requests (new, amend and delete) to be programatically sent to markets.

Since many software languages or applications support COM, this API makes it possible to use Paritech data in (and send orders from) 3rd party developed applications, including terminal applications, algorithmic engines and analysis software.  It is also ideal for displaying real time data in Excel and other types of spreadsheets.

An SDK has been developed to assist with implementing software that uses the API.  It includes documentation and help for the API and it includes example programs in various languages (including Excel).  The latest release of the SDK is available from our downloads page can be downloaded from here.

We also provide a forum for Px API where users can discuss the API.  There is quite a lot of information about the API within this forum.  Please be aware that these forums are not an official a Paritech support channel however you may use them for peer support.  The forums can be accessed at:

Important Notes:

In order to use the API, you need to:

1.  Have an active Paritech Pulse account.

2. Email Paritech to request that your Pulse account has the API permission enabled. The email should specify:

3. Download the SDK and install