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MetaMarket Plus

Using MetaMarket+ without MetaStock

You do not need the MetaStock program to use MetaMarket+. However, you do need the MetaStock database. If you are running a program such as OmniTrader or HotTrader, then you already have a MetaStock database.

You need this database for two reasons:

Thus, MetaMarket+ uses two types of Data: Fundamentals and Price/Volume. For example, to display the price/earning ratio MetaMarket+ uses the Earnings per share and the current close price.

The Fundamentals data is updated automatically through MetaMarket+. The Price/Volume information is updated every day by running DataDirector.

Furthermore, MetaMarket + will only work with a MetaStock database using MSFL version 10.1 and above. If you desire to use the Fundamental scanning within MetaStock, you must be running MetaStock 10.1 or higher.

If you are looking for a standalone Fundamental program, you may wish to consider Paritech's MarketScan instead.

MetaMarket+ Updating Data

Updating your data is designed to be as easy as possible. MM+ updates as a service behind the scene and it does so automatically.

MetaMarket+ Performing Searches

With the MetaStock integration that comes with MetaMarket+ 2, you can perform searches on fundamental data through the MetaStock Explorer. Note however that you do need version 2 of MetaMarket+ and MetaStock 8 and higher to do this.

MetaMarket+ includes a MetaStock add-on that allows some MetaMarket+ fundamentals data to be accessed from within MetaStock formulas. Thus, you can search for companies over some MetaMarket+ fields from within MetaStock. Another option is Paritech's MarketScan product which offers extensive scanning ability.

MetaMarket+ version 1 was designed only to display the Fundamentals information. At the time we knew that Scanning would clearly be useful, and a future version of MetaMarket+ would be designed with this capability. We released MetaMarket+ version 1 because we believe it was a good product as it was.

MetaMarket+ Securities Not Found during Import

When you first install MetaMarket+, Fundamentals information should be found for most of the securities. However, it is normal that some are not fund.

When going through the update the fundamental data weekly (for Australian users) or quarterly (for US users), many securities will not be found because only a fraction of the securities will have updated fundamentals for any given update. The number of securities with not found data will vary depending on the security, country and the new data that they have available for them at that time.

You can also click on the Log button to see which securities were found.

There are small stars next to each security that has security information in the Find Security window.

MetaMarket+ Program not Displaying Data

There are two common reasons why this occurs.

The first is that you have installed MetaMarket+ before your sharemarket data. If this is the case, the program will not function as it requires a MetaStock format database to be on your computer. If you haven't done so already, install DataDirector and run this program to install your price history data or to download some data. After you have data installed, re-install MetaMarket+.

The second reason is that you have specified an incorrect data folder during the import stage. For most users, the default folder will work fine (this is C:\Shares). However, if your data is stored in a different location (such as if you are using data from another data provider i.e. Reuters), you need to specify this folder.

This can be rectified as follows:

  1. Click the Tools menu and choose Folder Locations.
  2. In this screen, simply change the folder path to that of your data (i.e. C:\MetaStock Data or C:\eSignal) and ensure that the search sub-folders box is ticked. If you have more than one top level data folder that you are using, you can also specify these on this screen.
  3. Click OK to confirm the change.

MetaMarket+ Cannot Find a Company

MetaMarket+ only displays fundamentals for securities in your MetaStock database. Therefore is a company is not in your database for whatever reason, then the program will not be able to display the fundamental data.

MetaMarket+ allows searches using the company name, however MetaMarket+ uses the company names in the MetaStock database. A common cause of missing company names is if a company had a name/code change and it has not been updated in your MetaStock database. Therefore, you must have a name-changes update service (such as ParitechDM) for your MetaStock Database for this to work all the time.

MetaMarket+ was written this way because it works in conjunction with MetaStock to display the Fundamentals information for the company being displayed in MetaStock. MetaMarket+ gets the company name from the MetaStock title bar and then displays the matching fundamentals, i.e. it uses the MetaStock company name to find the fundamentals.

MetaMarket+ Printing Data

Although MetaMarket+ does not come with it's own Print facility, there is a way that you can print the data for any given company if you wish.

    Click the Ctrl key and the A key to select the contents of the MetaMarket+ main screen.

    Click the Ctrl key and the C key to copy this to your clipboard.

    Start a program such as Word or Excel and paste the data (usually Ctrl+V or through the edit menu)

This way you are able to paste several securities onto the one page if you wish, or format the data in any way you wish.

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