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EQUIS MetaStock Software Download

To improve our service to clients who purchase MetaStock software from Paritech, we are moving to an electronic download method of software delivery. This will allow our clients to get up and Investing much faster with their new MetaStock software.

Once we have processed your order, you will receive ONE email directly from Equis. This email contains the order detail as well as the set up key - required during installation and a license number - required for product activation.  

What follows below is a step by step guide on how to download the MetaStock program from Equis:

Paritech Support - FAQ’s - MetaStock

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1.  When a client purchases MetaStock from Paritech they will be asked to provide a valid email address as well as the usual client details. A valid email address is required as your username will be the email address you provided for the registration. Clients will be prompted to set a password when they go to download the MetaStock software product.  After Paritech has confirmed your order and your valid email address we forward all appropriate client details to Equis for processing and order completion.

2.  Once Equis receives your order and valid email address you will receive an Order Confirmation email directly from Equis that outlines your purchase order as well as a URL (website address) that will, once you have successfully logged in, allow the downloading of the MetaStock installation software to your PC. See sample email below.

Note: As this email contains essential setup and product activation keys it would be prudent to print out this email for future reference and for safe keeping.  

3. From the order confirmation email you will be directed to an Equis “Sign In” page. Once you have gone to the specified website you will need to enter your Email address (this is the email address that you provided to Paritech during the initial purchasing order) which point you will be prompted to enter a Password (you must create your own password). See image below. Once completed, you will be to logged into the Equis website and be allowed to download the MetaStock installation software. The Equis id’s are the for exclusive use on the Equis website only and are not able to be used for anything else eg not for use in DD3.

4. Once you have logged in to the specific website as outlined in the Order Confirmation email (see first image above) please follow all on screen prompts to download MetaStock Installation Software to your PC. It is recommended that you download and save the file to either the My Documents folder (for Win XP users) or to your Downloads folder (for Vista and Win 7 users). We also suggest that you “burn” the file to CD using any of the popular CD/DVD burning software (eg NERO) for “Hard Copy” storage.

Please Note: The MetaStock software download link is only available for a limited time.

5. Once you are ready its a simple matter of double clicking the MetaStock Software Installation file and following all the on screen prompts to install MetaStock - please have on hand the Order Confirmation email that you received form Equis as it will have the necessary “Setup Key” that will be required during the installation process, without the Setup Key MetaStock will not install.

6. After the installation has finished you can start MetaStock. You will presented with the option to either “Activate” MetaStock or continue without Product Activation. Equis allows 30 days grace from the first time MetaStock is started before Product Activation must be completed. At the end of 30 days you will need to activate MetaStock or it will not start.....Product Activation is a simple procedure and is done via a process called “Control Activation”. This window will appear (see image below) if you selected “Activate” on startup of MetaStock or if you go to START > All Programs > Equis International > Control Activation. Please ensure you are online and use the License number that was issued to you in the Order Confirmation email from Equis (see 1st image above) to activate MetaStock.

Please click here to visit our MetaStock FAQ’s for help on “How do I open a chart in MetaStock”