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Paritech Support

The purpose of this document is to outline the terms and conditions under which Paritech Pty Ltd supplies and supports products such as financial data and/or software systems. Please read the following carefully as this will enable you to obtain the maximum benefit from the products and services you purchased.

When you purchase any financial data and/or software systems from Paritech, you will automatically be entitled to telephone assistance to install and configure it on your PC system.

Paritech’s Support staff are trained to understand computers and communications, configure software and manipulate data - all the necessary skills to get your software running and keep it running.

However, our staff are not licensed nor trained to advise on market analysis or system development and are not permitted by law to advise on any trading situations including how to use indicators, trading systems or market conditions. For this type of advice please contact a licensed broker.

Please understand, and keep in mind that at no time when talking to Paritech staff members, are you being given any trading advice.

Sometimes unexpected situations can arise during installation. These situations include:

These can take time and perhaps additional hardware or software to rectify. The Paritech Customer Service Team would be pleased to help you sort out any such situations should they arise. However, the standard allowance for support during installation does not cover these situations. If unexpected situations arise during installation, contact our Customer Service Team, however, if the situation is outside the normal installation, a service fee may apply.

Free ongoing service and support is applicable to any data services provided by Paritech for the term of the Data Service contract. Telephone, fax and e-mail service is provided free of charge for the first 30 days after you purchase most software programs. This free service period is to help your get started smoothly with your new software. Where situations arise due to hardware or conflicts with other software on your PC (including Windows), then regular Service Fees may apply.

Upon receipt of your data or software please read through the information, manuals and help files provided. Our Customer Service Team will anticipate that clients have consulted information sheets, manuals and the help files provided before seeking assistance.

Subscribers for data Before Midnight are allocated 75 downloads per month ... if you do 2 downloads per day (one at 5.00pm and a final download at 8.00pm) you will only use up 40 download for any given month, leaving you 35 downloads spare. At the start of every subscription month, that is on the monthly date that you initially subscribed e.g. be it the 4th or 15th etc, your account will reset itself back to 75 downloads irrespective of what downloads were used or not from the previous months subscription account.

After Midnight data subscribers are allocated 40 downloads per month ... if you do 1 download per day you will only use up 20 downloads for any given month, leaving you 20 downloads spare. At the start of every subscription month, that is on the monthly date that you initially subscribed eg be it the 4th or 15th etc, your account will reset itself back to 40 downloads irrespective of what downloads were used or not from the previous months subscription account.

One day's data equates to one download, downloading two days of data equates to two downloads and so on.

There are a number of ways to contact Customer Service Team:

Customer service hours: Regular Service hours are 9.00am to 5.00pm Monday to Friday. You can also call Customer Service on the same number after hours and leave a message. Please describe the problem in detail and our customer service staff will attend to the problem the next working day and call you back.

Technical support is provided for a period of 30 days from the date of purchase for all software programs obtained from Paritech (some software manufacturers provide their own technical support), and support is provided free and ongoing for any data service provided by Paritech.

It is recommended, that in situations where continuous support is required, that you purchase a TECHNICAL SUPPORT SUBSCRIPTION. In addition, for all data clients: Paritech will provide, in instances where data has become corrupt, deleted or is outstanding (i.e. not downloaded) a maximum of 60 downloads, or will replace where appropriate, a maximum of 3 alphabetical data folders free of charge. For anything more than this it is recommended that clients purchase a replacement history CD. To arrange purchase of a replacement CD please call Technical Support.

Please be aware that Technical Support staff are not trained to provide support for formulas, indicators, trading system or similar and will therefore direct clients to the appropriate department and/or company (i.e. Equis in the case of MetaStock, etc).

In house Technical Support & Software Installation can be arranged at a cost of $75.00 per hour. This covers software installation and software or data diagnosis, it does not cover software training or trading advice.

For software service requirements beyond the 30 day free period a $25(Au$) per call for Technical Support may apply for clients that have not purchased a Technical Support Contract (please have credit card ready when placing a call to the Tech Support department).

An annual subscription for Technical Support will provide you with coverage of all technical support issues that may arise for a period of 12 months from payment of your subscription. This is the most cost-effective way to receive technical support for Paritech software products. The benefits are:

Annual Technical Support Subscription for the first year is $132, there after it is $99 per year on a continuing basis (plus GST), i.e. if renewal of the Technical Support contract is not taken up and the client requires software support after the original Technical Support Contract has expired, then the cost to resubscribe will be $132.

These become available from time to time and upgrade policies vary among manufacturers. It is recommended that clients regularly visit Paritech’s web site for upgrades, patches, fixes or contact Sales on 1300 652 511

It is the client’s responsibility to backup their data and it is strongly suggested that clients do so. Be advised that Paritech cannot support data that has been backed up, as we are not able to guarantee the methods or software used to create any backup data.

It is a customer's responsibility to keep their data up to date on a regular basis. Failure to keep your data up to date may in some cases result in needing to purchase a replacement data CD as we can only reallocate 60 missed downloads to an account (refer technical support section above). Your subscription begins from the date of purchase.

Paritech provides a 30-day unconditional money back guarantee on any new purchase of financial software systems. Please note this money back guarantee does not apply to upgrades of products you have already purchased as we assume you are familiar with the product and understand the nature of an upgrade to that product. If you find the software purchased to be unsuitable for your needs, you may return the complete purchase including all disks, manuals, packaging and other documents. Software can’t be accepted for return after this initial 30-day period or if the product has been registered.

Please note that all materials must arrive at our office in perfect, unmarked condition for us to accept the returned item. All components of the package must be returned including Warranty Cards, Manuals, Guides and accessory data and software. There is a restocking fee of 15% on all products.
To arrange a return, please email with an explanation as to why the product is unsuitable. If approved, a Return Authorisation Number (RAN) will be issued. No products will be accepted for return without a RAN.

No returns or refunds are available on Data Services after the first 30 days as the majority of costs are carried during this period.

Please note: due to the delivery nature of the History data, purchase is non refundable.

Computer software is growing in complexity with every new version released. Situations can occur which are unanticipated or not tested by programmers. These situations can cause software to perform unexpected or in an incorrect manner and are commonly known as “bugs”.

We strongly recommend that before investing on the basis of any indicator or system produced by any computer software, that you check results and calculations manually to ensure they are correct.
All Software and Data leaving this office are confirmed to be virus free. We strongly recommend that all users maintain virus protection software on their PC’s.

Please be aware that in some cases, Paritech is not the manufacturer of the software, has no control over the source code and has not tested every combination of variables, configurations and hardware components. Unfortunately we cannot warrant that:

*Please note: This Software Agreement is subject to change at any time without prior notice.